Colouring Can Help Reduce Stress

//Colouring Can Help Reduce Stress

Me and Dad (Colin) have spoken in many Podcasts about how therapeutic art can be. Many of you have written in and told us of your stories how painting and drawing can get you through even the most difficult of times. Dad has also shared his story regarding an extremely traumatic experience in which painting helped him escape and cope with what he was going through.

The Huffington Post recently reported how colouring can help reduce stress. The article spoke to us as we completely understand how this can be. When you draw/paint/colour, it creates wellness, stillness and stimulates the brain. Also the feeling of being creative and accomplishment has a positive effect on the brain.

To get more scientific, colouring activates two cerebral hemispheres: logic and creativity. The process of mixing colours on the paper and co-ordination needed for making small movements relaxes you and ultimately lowers the activity of amygdala (the part affected by stress).

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As you are focusing on what you are doing and not worrying about the outside world, colouring can act as a sort of “meditation”, bringing you into the present, not worrying about the past or future.

Not only this, but also painting can be a form of expression. Allowing us to connect with how we are feeling and choosing pictures/colours that represent our mood.

Does painting help you with stress? Let us know in the comments below.

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