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We have been asked from time to time to help with the colour selection for students’ own pastel pencil pictures. So we have decided to show these pictures to everyone and Colin will give his opinion as to the best base colours to choose. I am sure that you will find this helpful and should you want to send us a picture then this is an ideal way to help yourself and others understand this tricky first step.

Suggested pastel pencil numbers –

Light creamy hair – 101, 103, 182, 187

Dark creamy hair – 103, 182, 175

Dark Hair – 273, 182, 177, 283, 175, 199

Light part of eye – 103 , 187, 283 (Highlight in the eye would be 101)

Dark part of eye – 187, 283, 177, 199

These colours are a guide only there will be more colours to add to compliment the ones mentioned. If you need to purchase Pastel Pencils, then you can buy individual colours on our store here.

Did this help you? Have you got a picture you need help choosing the colours for? Get in touch here.

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