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tiger reference pictureJade has sent me this lovely picture and asked for guidance as to the colour selection she will need to complete the picture. I have outlined below my suggested colours but remember these colour numbers are only a guide. The artist must be free to change the colours and also add more colours as they see fit. The Pastel Pencils referenced are from Faber-Castell’s Pitt range.

I would suggest the following pastel pencils be used for this unusual coloured Tiger – 101, 103, 230 and 233 for the white fur and incorporating some 182 and 186 to add tone the the white areas. Colour numbers 103, 109, 113, 186 and 283 can be used for the orange coloured fur with 177 and 199 for the very dark areas.

For these dark areas 186 would be the base colour do not use any of the lighter tones. For the eyes I would use 101, 103, 182 and 186 with touches of 109 and 283 to add the shading. For the pupil and dark areas surrounding the eyes I would start with 283 then add 177. Finally 199 Black, these colours can also be used for the mouth and the dark areas inside the ear.

All the colours I have mentioned are guide colours only. More colours would be needed to complete the picture but it is unwise to state these at the beginning of a project. It would be much better to use the complimentary colours as and when needed.

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