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In our latest weekly podcast, Colin goes into detail regarding picking colours out of your reference photos and achieving the closest colour possible with pastel pencils. It’s possible to overthink colour choosing and in this episode Colin simplifies the process to something which uses your instinct and easy to follow guides.

We also discuss inking the new cartoon projects that Colin’s working on and the tools to use the job. Colin is in fact using the Super Fine Point Faber-Castell Pen which we sell on our store. If you want to be ready for what’s the come, head over to our shop and order yours today.

How do you draw ginger hair? Colin shares his advice and how to achieve the correct colour build up. Lastly we answer the question “What’s the difference between inscribe and Polychromos Pastel Sticks?”. Listen below or subscribe through iTunes. Check below the player for items mentioned in the show.

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The video below is an example of how Colin would choose pastel pencils to draw this Cougar Photograph.

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