Choosing Colours for a Pomeranian

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Claudia has sent me this photo asking for help in selecting colours for this animals fur. I will split this fur into three parts as each area of fur will have a slightly different build up of colours.

Bright Pomeranian Fur

Area A – needs 101 as a base then 103, 183 and a touch of 109.
Area B – would have 103 as a base with 183, 109 and just a hint of 113.
Area C – I would use 109 as a base and just a touch of 183, then add 113, 283 and 225. It is possible that even this will not be dark enough so a touch of 181or 199 could be introduced lightly then use 283 to reduce the harshness.

As always these are only suggestions and I would practice these different colour combinations on spare paper before committing to the painting, also be prepared to introduce other colours if you feel the need.

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