Choosing Pastel Pencils for a Chocolate Labrador

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We had a question some time ago about choosing the colours for drawing a Chocolate Labrador in Pastel Pencils.

On brown animals, Colin usually recommends starting with a grey. If it was a light animal, then you would start with ivory as a base colour. All the colour numbers we refer to in this article are related to the Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil range which is the best make of Pastel Pencil in Colin’s opinion.

Faber-Castell Colour Chart

So for a chocolate Labrador, you start off with a grey – pencil number 273. Then add 179 or 180, 177 and 283 (burnt sienna – an important colour). You would also add 175, 199 and then go back to put on 177 and 283 again. That’s the general principal and we’ve included a colour chart on the right to help with the colour names.

To help illustrate the above, Colin has done a demonstration of a Chocolate Labrador’s eye in Pastel Pencils on YouTube and we’ve included it below. For hours of pastel pencil tutorials for less than the cost of 1 evening art class, sign up to be a member.

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