Choosing a Mount and Glass for your Painting

//Choosing a Mount and Glass for your Painting

peaches mounted in pastel pencils by colin bradley

Many years ago when I had my art gallery, we used to frame and mount pictures for our customers. We had all the machinery, frames, mounts & glass available and it was a great addition to the business. Over the years I gained a lot of experience mounting other’s work and also my own.

When it comes to displaying my Pastel Pencil work, I usually choose to double mount, however with smaller picture around A5 in size or smaller a single mount would suffice. Also referred to as “matting”, I find it’s the best way of showing off your artwork in a frame.

The reason I choose to double mount my pictures is because it takes the paper further away from the glass and avoids it touching the glass and smudging the pastel. When it comes to picking colours, sometimes I use two ivory mounts (or mats) but for a change, use a different colour for the mount on the inside. For example, a Russian Green on the inside and Ivory on the outside thus giving just a slither of green.

victorian lady in pastel pencils from colin bradleyI have given two examples of framing here the larger painting is just below A3 size and you can see how nice the double mount looks. The smaller painting of the peaches I have used a Russian green single mount as this painting was about A5 in size. By the way I found the frame with the peaches in it in a local charity shop, cost £1.50 and that included the mount and the glass.

I always use glass and choose regular ordinary glass over non reflective glass. In my opinion I feel that the non reflective glass makes the original look a bit like a print.

What do you choose to use? Let me know in the comments below.

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