Chimp Picture Feedback

//Chimp Picture Feedback

Picture of a Chimp in PastelAngela has sent me this painting of a Chimp copied from and original painting by Robert Fuller and has asked if I can give her a few tips on how this could have been improved. As the painting has now been mounted and presumably ready for framing it is difficult for me to point out any faults I might see as it would make Angela dissatisfied with the picture as a whole. Angela mentioned that she was not sure about the finger and I do agree that it does look odd. If there is a feature like this then it would be best to avoid the finger features altogether. This could be done by continuing the body indicated by the white line down to the gold line I have placed at the bottom. This would not be difficult as the hair just has to be continued the same as the area under the neck.

One other small tip is the pupil in the left eye is very slightly out of line with the right one and a small adjustment would put this right, I have placed two orange arrows on the picture to pinpoint this.

On the whole the painting is a good one and Angela should be delighted that she has produced a very good picture.

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