Children’s Portrait in Pastel Pencils Part 2

//Children’s Portrait in Pastel Pencils Part 2

two children pastel pencils part 2Here’s the next stage of the two children based on Emile Vernon Poster’s Painting. I decided to do the second face next because I was familiar with the procedure and the colours and felt it best to continue while this was all fresh in my mind. I loved to contrast of the skin tones of the two children and wanted to represent this in the colours. To see how I managed to achieve this you will have watch the video when it is released on the website in a few weeks time. It will be available for members only so if you’re not already signed up, visit our Products page to join. The blue eyes of this second young lady was a nice contrast to the brown eyes of the first. I was also mindful that both the girls should have the same appeal, in other words I did not want one to be prettier than the other, I feel that I have achieved that.

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