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What Others say:

“I spent years in college for art and learned more in 3 months with Colin than all that time in school.”

“Best online art instruction I’ve ever come across.”

“It’s like having a teacher at my side all the time.”

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“I got hooked by how easy Colin makes everything look and his easy to follow instructions and video demonstrations.”

“I really love the quality of the videos, it’s almost like you are right here next to me in my studio!”

“Worth every penny. You would pay more going to a class and would not get a fraction of the information and tuition Colin gives you on each tutorial.”

“Its like never ending learning for all levels of pastel pencil painting. I am so grateful I found Colin Bradley.”

“Colin Bradley has given me the tools to a wonderful new hobby! I am finally happy with the results and truly enjoy drawing now!”

“I am so happy I found Colin Bradley’s website. I’ve only been a member for a few weeks, but I have learned so much; he has truly inspired me! I love portraiture’s, landscapes, and still life; and have found the best examples on how to tackle them on his website.”

“I absolutely love being a member.  I am giving the lion a go for starters. Enjoy the Podcast with my morning coffee….and move onto other topics….then the afternoon is spent with Colin and the lion. For me it just doesn’t get any better than this.”

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