CBA – Weekly Update – Triple-Whammy!

//CBA – Weekly Update – Triple-Whammy!

This week we have a Triple-Whammy of videos for you! In total we have uploaded nearly 1 and a half hour of new tuition this week!

We’ve added the 2nd Part of our Smoke and Sky Exercise. This second part finishes off this project so let us know how you got on and whether you thought it was a useful exercise.

Eye exercise complete002

This means we’ll have a new project for you next week which will be “How to Draw Eyes in Pastel Pencils”. If you’ve seen the picture on our facebook page then you’ll be looking forward to giving this one a go.

We’ve also added another 2 videos to our Hungarian Vizslas tutorial – totalling to just over an hour! Check out the new videos right here.

We’ve also been posting some really useful articles to our blog including:

How to know when you’re ready to do commissions

Signing your artwork

Copying Reference Photos

Adjusting your pictures on the computer for printing

Difference between soft and medium pastel pencils

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That’s it for this week!

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