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Learning Perspective in Animals or Landscapes

We had a question recently from one of our students Desmond. He asked: "Hello I am trying to get into drawing and I've been reading up about perspective but not to sure whether that will have anything in drawing animals and landscapes. If you could [...]

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Choosing Pastel Pencils for Drawing a Hare

One of our members Mike sent in a picture of a Hare that he would like to do. Mike wrote: Hi Colin, I have this minute just watched your drawing of the Hare. I am about to have a go at the attached Image, using [...]

Different Base Colours for Darker Pastel Papers

One of our members Sue sent a really interesting question regarding using base colours for darker papers. Here's Sue's email: Could you please let me know, when you are demonstrating the base colours you use are they specific for that particular colour paper or would [...]

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How To Free Hand Draw with Square Drawing Grids

I believe that everyone would like to draw. Not just draw but draw accurately, they’d love to copy their own photographs and create beautiful pieces of art. In the Victorian times, artist’s gridded out their drawings to ensure they had correct proportions and perspectives. A [...]

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Proportions and Perspectives – Feedback Show #41 – Jan 11, 2018

In this show we help with seeing proportions in your pictures and perspective. The square drawing grid is a great tool for seeing any errors and ensuring you're on the right track. We also help with fur, backgrounds and incorporating 2 pictures into one. Square [...]

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ALL IN Membership Offer – January Sale 2018

Get Our ALL IN Membership for 30 days for just £9.99 (Normal Price £14.99) No contracts, no commitments, just one payment and 30 days access to ALL our online courses. Click Below to get started: If you have any questions or queries drop us an [...]

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Why I Start With Base Colours When Using Pastel Pencils

There are several questions that I am asked regularly regarding the layering of pastel pencil colours in my work. I thought it would be a good idea to address this to give you a clearer picture of the techniques I use and how I arrived [...]

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Picking Pastel Pencil Colours for a Horse

Mike recently sent us this request for the colours needed for this horse portrait. Mike says: I would welcome your advice please, as to which Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil Colours will enable me to undertake this study of just the horse. I suppose it [...]

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