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Enhance a Background using Colour Shapers

Colin uses Colour Shapers to add something special to this Ballet Dancer picture. To purchase colour shapers click here. The larger one Colin uses in the background is the Size 6 Chisel Ivory Shaper and can be purchased here. Get ALL our Courses for just [...]

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How to Trace onto Dark Paper | White Tracedown Carbon

If you are tracing onto dark paper then the White Tracedown from Frisk is a great product. I've been using it a lot for my recent projects on dark pastelmat paper. If you want to purchase the White Tracedown then it's on sale on our [...]

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Drawing & Shading a Cowboy Hat in Graphite

In this clip Colin shows you how to use shading effects with different graphite pencils. This is a snippet from Colin's Hopalong Cassidy tutorial available on his website. The pencils used are Faber-Castell's Aquarelle Graphite 5 Pencil Set. Get all our courses for just £14.99 [...]

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Learning Perspective in Animals or Landscapes

We had a question recently from one of our students Desmond. He asked: "Hello I am trying to get into drawing and I've been reading up about perspective but not to sure whether that will have anything in drawing animals and landscapes. If you could [...]

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Different Base Colours for Darker Pastel Papers

One of our members Sue sent a really interesting question regarding using base colours for darker papers. Here's Sue's email: Could you please let me know, when you are demonstrating the base colours you use are they specific for that particular colour paper or would [...]

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How To Free Hand Draw with Square Drawing Grids

I believe that everyone would like to draw. Not just draw but draw accurately, they’d love to copy their own photographs and create beautiful pieces of art. In the Victorian times, artist’s gridded out their drawings to ensure they had correct proportions and perspectives. A [...]

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