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How To Draw Cat Eyes – Abyssinian Cat 🐱

Colin shows how to draw beautiful Cat's eyes using Pastel Pencils. Would you like to draw this picture? Whether you're a beginner or experienced artist, anyone can pick up pastel pencils and have a go. ➡️ Get Access to Colin's Courses ➡️ Try our FREE [...]

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How To Put Pastel On Watercolour

In this video Colin shows you how to apply pastel on top of watercolour. See how to get additional colours and brilliance on your watercolour pictures. Get this Course on Udemy here for just £10.99 Get access to ALL Colin's courses for only £14.99 here

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Can you water down Acrylic paint and use it as Watercolour?

One of our students Matt sent us this interesting question regarding Acrylic: Hello Sir, I have been thinking of taking your watercolor course. I have heard that I can thin down acrylics? Could I use this method and if I do would I use watercolor [...]

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Adding White Highlights Over Other Colours

Making white appear bright over other colours is a common dilemma when using Pastel Pencils. One of our students Judy experienced this recently and sent in the following email: I have a question using a white pastel pencil to highlight and add finishing strokes over [...]

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Tree Contrast in Watercolour

Yvonne sent us her picture of Yalding that completed following our tutorial on the website. Yvonne asked for feedback on her work. She writes: Hi I have just completed the watercolour of Yalding Kent. I didn’t have sepia so I used Burnt Umber to paint [...]

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Advice for Laura’s Puffin Background

Laura sent in her lovely picture of the Puffin project from our website and requested some advice on the background. Laura has a membership and part of the service is that she can receive tips and advice on her artwork. Laura writes: Colin, Attached is [...]

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Why I Use Base Colours To Achieve My Final Tone

One of our members, Laura, sent in a great question regarding layering colours. With all the new pastel pencils and colours available now, is it necessary to layer base colours to get your desired effect or can you simply jump to the colour you want? [...]

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