Pastel Pencil Demonstrations Season 1 – Girl Portrait

Welcome to our Season 1 Subject - Girl Portrait. Colin will demonstrate techniques behind drawing this Girl Portrait using just 6 pastel pencils. The techniques you will learn will enable you to complete the full picture at your own pace. For this reason we have [...]

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Drawing an “Art Deco” Lady – Use Pastel Pencils?

This question came from one of our members Kerrie. She asked: "Hello Mr Bradley, I am looking for some advice, I am attempting to draw an 'Art Deco' lady but I am unsure where to start with the gold coloured beads and necklace. If you [...]

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Draw Stunning Pastel Pictures with our Free Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn to draw and: Tried but Lack Confidence? Been Unable to Attend Art Classes? Had a Bad Experience with a Teacher? Tried other mediums and found them too difficult? What if you could: Feel Confident and In Control. Have a [...]

Lady in the Red Hat | Aquarelle Graphite Pencil Lesson

Welcome to Colin’s Lady in the Red Hat Tutorial. With every tutorial Colin provides an outline drawing, meaning that you do not have to draw the picture free-hand. We have provided this outline drawing below. Learn to draw and paint this picture using Aquarelle Graphite [...]

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Using the Putty Rubber to remove excess pastel layers

Maggie has sent me her picture of the young girl starter pack project and has asked for my feedback. Maggie was aware that the ribbons were too prominent but did not want to spoil the picture by altering them. It would have looked better if [...]

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How To Draw a “Back Nude” Portrait using Pastel Pencils

Project Difficulty: Beginner Learn how to draw this Back Nude Portrait using just 6 Pastel Pencils: 101 white, 183 light yellow ochre, 131 medium flesh, 187 burnt ochre, 194 purple and 176 van dyck brown. Purchasing Materials: We sell all the materials you need in our shop. [...]

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When to Darken a Background on a Portrait Painting

Rachel has sent me her delightful painting and has asked for my feedback, Rachel writes: "This is the very first attempt to do a picture of my own, and I found it a bit scary. I did copy it and the original was much darker. [...]

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The Sequence of Drawing a Portrait

We had a great question from Lucy who's giving our free portrait course a go: I am new to portrait drawing. Could you please tell me what is the usual sequence of doing a portrait? Eyes and other facial features first, or hair first?? Thanks, [...]

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