Pastel Pencil Demo S2 E2 – Black Hair

In the second episode of Season 2 Colin teaches you how to draw black hair. ALL IN and Portrait Members can login and watch the whole tutorial including the skin tones on our website. Join Colin Bradley Art and get all courses for £14.99 ($20) [...]

Enhance a Background using Colour Shapers

Colin uses Colour Shapers to add something special to this Ballet Dancer picture. To purchase colour shapers click here. The larger one Colin uses in the background is the Size 6 Chisel Ivory Shaper and can be purchased here. Get ALL our Courses for just [...]

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Choosing Colours for a Child’s Portrait

This picture was sent to us by one of our members Robert who asked if we could help with choosing the colours needed. Here's Rob's picture: This is a tough portrait because well, all portraits are tough. I'm presuming that Rob's using the Sand Coloured [...]

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Pastel Pencil Demonstrations Season 1 – Girl Portrait

Welcome to our Season 1 Subject - Girl Portrait. Colin will demonstrate techniques behind drawing this Girl Portrait using just 6 pastel pencils. The techniques you will learn will enable you to complete the full picture at your own pace. For this reason we have [...]

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Drawing an “Art Deco” Lady – Use Pastel Pencils?

This question came from one of our members Kerrie. She asked: "Hello Mr Bradley, I am looking for some advice, I am attempting to draw an 'Art Deco' lady but I am unsure where to start with the gold coloured beads and necklace. If you [...]

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Draw Stunning Pastel Pictures with our Free Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn to draw and: Tried but Lack Confidence? Been Unable to Attend Art Classes? Had a Bad Experience with a Teacher? Tried other mediums and found them too difficult? What if you could: Feel Confident and In Control. Have a [...]

Lady in the Red Hat | Aquarelle Graphite Pencil Lesson

Welcome to Colin’s Lady in the Red Hat Tutorial. With every tutorial Colin provides an outline drawing, meaning that you do not have to draw the picture free-hand. We have provided this outline drawing below. Learn to draw and paint this picture using Aquarelle Graphite [...]

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