Running an Art Workshop – Podcast #198

In this mini podcast Dad shares his knowledge of running art workshops and offers advice to those that wish to do the same. Listen and read the transcription below: Download this Podcast Stephen Bradley: We thought we'd do a little mini podcast.  Gabriele sent over a really interesting [...]

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New Demonstration! Constructing a Reggianini – “The Letter”

We're thrilled and excited to unveil the next Pastel Pencil Demonstration is "The Letter" by Vittorio Reggianini! The response to our new Demonstrations section in our Membership has been overwhelming and it's amazing how many people, even though it was designed as a demonstration, gave [...]

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Secrets Behind Impressionism – Podcast #195

"Impressionism is like a statement that you make without a structure." In this podcast Colin describes the work he's doing with impressionism and how best to describe how it feels "alive" comparing it to photography. What's the secret behind it? We discuss in the podcast. [...]

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When do you call yourself an artist? – Podcast #193

In this episode Colin answers your questions including "when do you call yourself an artist?" Listen to his advice as we discuss this and other points including laying enough pastel to cover the paper and the 2 Ballet Dancers picture. Download this Podcast Listen on [...]

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Working with PastelMat – Podcast #191

In this episode we answer your questions and talk about Colin's recent pictures in PastelMat. Questions we cover include: - Copyrighting your Pastel Paintings - Erasing and Blending on PastelMat - Drawing the Northern Lights - Correcting Over Application with Fixing Listen to the full [...]

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Filling Paper with Pastel – Podcast #188

In this podcast Colin shares his experience of teaching in person classes. We also answer your questions including: - Drawing Black & White Portraits - Storing Pictures - Drawing your own pictures - Drawing white hairs over a background - Filling Paper with enough Pastel [...]

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