Impressionism Training – Podcast #216

In this episode we talk a little bit more about using Pastel Sticks and the impressionistic approach that it teaches you. Colin talks about moving from a fine detailed watercolour technique to a slightly looser pastel pencil technique and finally now being even more "restrictive" [...]

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Overcoming Fears and Doubts – Podcast #214

This week we talk about comparing yourself to other artists and overcoming fears and doubts about your ability. We also discuss going from an amateur artist to a professional artist and reaching that level. Lastly Colin offers advice regarding your PastelMat pictures smudging after you [...]

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Future Stick Pastel Projects – Podcast #213

In this podcast we share our ideas on future projects involving pastel sticks and impressionism. Colin talks about what subjects he’s planning and what brand he’s choosing to use and why. What are your thoughts on doing impressionistic pictures with pastel sticks? Let us know! [...]

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Overcoming Fear of Failure – Podcast #209

In this episode we talk about comparing yourself to other artists and overcoming fear of failure (this discussion starts at around 9 minutes 40 seconds in). Around that we also talk about how Colin's watercolour work has changed through the experience of working further with [...]

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Renoir’s “The Apple Seller” – Podcast #208

In this episode of the Podcast Colin talks about his reproduction of Renoir's "The Apple Seller" in Pastel. We discuss: - How you approach a picture that is more impressionistic compared to realism - what aspect of realistic pictures requires an impressionistic touch? - How [...]

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