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How Different Pastel Papers Can Help With Contrast

One of our members Brian sent in his landscape picture he has completed using pastel pencils and would like some advice on how to improve it. Brian writes: Hi Steven, I just finished this one a couple of days ago. Could Colin please give me [...]

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Help with Pastel Backgrounds, Shading and White Fur over Dark

One of our members Kimberley sent in her husky picture for some advice and feedback. Kimberley writes: Hello Steve and Colin First, I’ve been wanting to ask, will Colin use Pan Pastels with his Tutorials in the future? Second, I completed a new drawing not [...]

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Making a Pastel Pencil Portrait look more “Real”

One of our members Adrienne sent in her first Pastel picture and requested some advice and feedback. This is one of the bonuses to joining our membership. Adrienne writes: The colour change from pink to blue in the dress is deliberate (didn’t want to waste [...]

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Improving a Background or Foreground with Pastels

One of our members Michelle sent us her picture after completing the Prowling Tiger course. Michelle writes: "Hello Colin and Steve, I have just completed the prowling tiger. Really enjoyed this challenge I would value any feedback from you and really appreciate the feedback you [...]

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Putting White Fur Over Dark Colours with Pastel Pencils

One of our members Michelle sent us her picture of the Siamese Kitten that she had completed using our course. As a member she is able to receive feedback on areas she found challenging. Here's Michelle's email: Hi Colin and Steve, I followed the tutorial [...]

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Paul’s Two Birds Feedback – Branches, Claws and Contrast

Paul, who is one of our members, sent in his picture of the Two Pretty Birds for some advice. This is one of the bonuses to joining our membership. Paul writes: Hi there, just finished the course "Two Pretty Birds" which are Black Masked Love [...]

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Art Feedback Show #49 – Realistic Fur and Hair – Jul 30, 2018

In this feedback show Colin helps with what pastel tones to add to make your animal fur and human hair appear more realistic. We also look at how small changes can make a big difference and tips for doing backgrounds. Feedback is available to members [...]

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