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Help with Charles’ Cardinals Background

Charles sent us his Cardinals picture that he is working on and asked for some advice on the background. Charles has a membership which enables him to request advice on his work as well as access all our lessons. Charles writes: Hi, Steve and Colin, [...]

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Advice for Laura’s Puffin Background

Laura sent in her lovely picture of the Puffin project from our website and requested some advice on the background. Laura has a membership and part of the service is that she can receive tips and advice on her artwork. Laura writes: Colin, Attached is [...]

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Advice on Maria’s Boxer Dog Pastel Pencil Picture – Shading Help

One of our members Maria sent in her pastel pencil picture of the Boxer Dog project. This is a picture that you can learn to draw with membership to our website. As a member she can send in her artwork and receive tips on areas [...]

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Advice on Bea’s White Cat – Pricing & Posting Artwork

Bea is a recent member that completed this picture of a White Cat. As a member Bea can request advice on her picture. She would like help with the whiskers and also wants sell this picture and post it abroad. Bea writes: Please can you [...]

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Advice on a Pastel Background for Marie-anne’s Parrots Picture

Marie-anne sent in her stunning picture of the Two Parrots which she drew from our website. Marie-anne is a member and can access the courses we have on offer as well as send in her work for advice and tips. In her email, Marie-anne asks [...]

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5 Helpful Tips to Improve this Graphite Drawing

One of our members, Susan, sent in her graphite drawing and requested some tips to help improve it. Susan writes: Hi Steve, I'd love for Colin to give me feedback on my Graphite drawing. I can't seem to get the drawing to look like the [...]

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Amber’s Horse and Scotney Castle Pastel Pencil Feedback

One of our members Amber sent us her two pictures of our White Horse and Scotney Castle Projects. When a student joins our membership they get access to our library of lessons and also feedback on their work if they wish. Amber writes: Hello Colin [...]

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