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A Bar at the Folies-Bergère in Pastel Pencils

We're so excited to reveal that the 3rd Demonstration picture is “A Bar at the Folies-Bergère” by Édouard Manet! These demonstrations show advanced techniques and are designed to show how far you can push the pastel pencil medium. This picture really pushes the boundaries and is [...]

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Pastel Pencil Demo S2 E7 – Pine Tree

In Episode 7 of Season 2 of "Pastel Pencil Demonstrations" Colin teaches you how to draw a Pine Tree. Watch the 22 minute episode below. To learn about our membership where you can get all our courses plus feedback on your artwork, click below. Get [...]

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New Demonstration! Constructing a Reggianini – “The Letter”

We're thrilled and excited to unveil the next Pastel Pencil Demonstration is "The Letter" by Vittorio Reggianini! The response to our new Demonstrations section in our Membership has been overwhelming and it's amazing how many people, even though it was designed as a demonstration, gave [...]

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Pastel Pencil Demo S2 E5 – Kingfisher Head

In the Episode 5 of Pastel Pencil Demonstrations - Season 2 Colin teaches you how to draw the head of a Kingfisher. You can watch the whole course on Udemy or our website. Get All Our Animal Courses for $8 Get this course only [...]

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