Unveiling Pastel Pencil Demonstrations

Back when I would travel the country doing demonstrations at shows and art groups, I would show off just how good the pastel pencils can be. I loved this part of the job because of the audience reaction. The "oohs" and "aahs" were actually audible [...]

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Snow Scene Chilham Time Lapse in Pastel Pencils

Designed for beginners, you can get 5 landscape courses on sale now on Udemy. Watch a free preview. Get all our Landscapes courses for just £5.99 PLUS feedback on your work. Learn More. This Landscape Starter Course includes 5 Subjects that you will learn to [...]

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Learning Perspective in Animals or Landscapes

We had a question recently from one of our students Desmond. He asked: "Hello I am trying to get into drawing and I've been reading up about perspective but not to sure whether that will have anything in drawing animals and landscapes. If you could [...]

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