How Different Pastel Papers Can Help With Contrast

One of our members Brian sent in his landscape picture he has completed using pastel pencils and would like some advice on how to improve it. Brian writes: Hi Steven, I just finished this one a couple of days ago. Could Colin please give me [...]

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Unveiling Pastel Pencil Demonstrations

Back when I would travel the country doing demonstrations at shows and art groups, I would show off just how good the pastel pencils can be. I loved this part of the job because of the audience reaction. The "oohs" and "aahs" were actually audible [...]

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Snow Scene Chilham Time Lapse in Pastel Pencils

Designed for beginners, you can get 5 landscape courses on sale now on Udemy. Watch a free preview. Get all our Landscapes courses for just £5.99 PLUS feedback on your work. Learn More. This Landscape Starter Course includes 5 Subjects that you will learn to [...]

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Learning Perspective in Animals or Landscapes

We had a question recently from one of our students Desmond. He asked: "Hello I am trying to get into drawing and I've been reading up about perspective but not to sure whether that will have anything in drawing animals and landscapes. If you could [...]

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