Paint a Cottage with Watercolor & Pastel after AR Quinton

Long before Colin discovered Pastel Pencils, he was a popular Watercolour artist! Being completely self taught, he developed his own style of watercolour painting - nothing was off limits! He would try to emulate the great artists such as Quinton and Constable. In this course [...]

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Drawing an Orca Whale Mouth | Pastel Pencils

In this clip Colin shows you how to draw a the open mouth of an Orca (Killer) Whale. This is a snippet from our full project available online. See how to get access to the course below the video. Get ALL Colin's Classes for $20. [...]

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Building Contrast in Pastel Pencil Landscapes

One of our members Brian sent in his picture of the "Country Walk" landscape project on our website. He requested some advice on how to improve the picture and as a member, he can send in his artwork for feedback and tips. Brian writes: Hi [...]

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Adding a Dark Background with Pastel Pencils

One of our members Rachel sent us in her picture that she's finished and now wishes to add a background however the reference picture is very dark. Rachel writes: I have just finished this picture and now need to do a background. I'm worried about [...]

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How Different Pastel Papers Can Help With Contrast

One of our members Brian sent in his landscape picture he has completed using pastel pencils and would like some advice on how to improve it. Brian writes: Hi Steven, I just finished this one a couple of days ago. Could Colin please give me [...]

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