How To Put Pastel On Watercolour

In this video Colin shows you how to apply pastel on top of watercolour. See how to get additional colours and brilliance on your watercolour pictures. Get this Course on Udemy here for just £10.99 Get access to ALL Colin's courses for only £14.99 here

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Can you water down Acrylic paint and use it as Watercolour?

One of our students Matt sent us this interesting question regarding Acrylic: Hello Sir, I have been thinking of taking your watercolor course. I have heard that I can thin down acrylics? Could I use this method and if I do would I use watercolor [...]

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Learn to Paint Watercolor – Boats in Landscape

You've never seen Watercolor done this way before. Learn my unique approach to Watercolor Step by Step. In this post I'll show you how to paint this Watercolour Landscape: I have included the outline drawing below (click to enlarge) so that you can print this [...]

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How to Use Water-Soluble Graphite – 6 Course Drawing Bundle!

You can get some incredible effects using graphite pencils on their own. But have you ever tried water-soluble graphite? Faber-Castell have released a pack of 5 Aquarelle graphite pencils which combined together in a picture produce incredible effects. In this bundle of 6 courses, you [...]

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Draw a Cottage with Watercolor Pencils & Pen and Ink

This course is something different from the normal pastel pencil courses that we provide. In this course you can learn how to use pen and ink as well as watercolour pencils to produce this beautiful cottage scene. This course is now available on the Udemy [...]

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