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Advantages to Taping your Pastel Paper to HardBoard

You may have noticed in my videos that I take the Ingres Paper out of a Pad and tape it to a piece of hardboard. You might be wondering why I do that as some may work with the paper in the pad. The first [...]

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Choosing a Mount and Frame for the Five Horses Landscape

One of our members Alice has completed our 5 Horses Landscape tutorial and would like to know advice on which frame to use for the picture. For this picture I would use a light mount such as Ivory and frame the picture in a basic [...]

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3 Tips to Presenting and Posting your Pastel Paintings

From emails I have received recently it seems that many of you are painting pastel pencil pictures for others and I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a few tips on presenting your work and also sending them through the [...]

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To Change or Not to Change – Should you alter a picture after it’s been framed?

Alice has sent me her lovely painting of the Sunset project; understandably she was delighted with her efforts and has framed her work. Alice has asked for my feedback that might help her with future projects and I am always happy to oblige. Once a [...]

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How To Photograph Your Artwork

Many of us like to photograph our work when showing others via email and social media. If we pick this over scanning our artwork, what are the best conditions for doing so? Hopefully these answers will shed some "light" on the subject. Why Photograph your [...]

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Choosing a Mount and Glass for your Painting

Many years ago when I had my art gallery, we used to frame and mount pictures for our customers. We had all the machinery, frames, mounts & glass available and it was a great addition to the business. Over the years I gained a lot [...]

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Another word on Fixing your Pastel Pencil Work

The most common question we get asked here at Colin Bradley Art (almost on a daily basis) is regarding Fixatives. Generally it is thought necessary to fix pastel work to contain the loose pastel flakes from the pastel paper and to stop the pastel from smudging. In [...]

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