Colouring For Children – Stinky Pete The Pirate

In this 4 Part series you'll colour the cartoon of "Stinky Pete The Pirate" - the Stinkiest Pirate there ever was! This is a fun activity to do with children, especially in these times where you might find you're having to entertain the kids more [...]

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My Art Story – From Watercolour Artist to Pastel Pencil Pioneer

This is the story of my journey into art and it’s benefits. I hope you find this interesting, insightful, and inspiring. The Beginning The first recollection I have of art is a lesson in primary school using poster paints, although it’s a little vague in [...]

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Top 5 Secrets to using Pastel Pencils

There are many out there that have not discovered the Pastel Pencil and some that are just starting out. We therefore put together this list of Top 5 Secrets to using Pastel Pencils. 5. Avoid Using Too Many Colours Avoid using many colours on top [...]

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Zipping Whiskers Pastel Pencil Podcast (Video)

In this enhanced version of our podcast, Colin answers your pastel pencil questions. Watch below or listen to the audio only version below. Download the Mp3 or subscribe via iTunes for listening on the move. In the podcast we discuss: Alternative to Fixing for sending [...]

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Scaling Up Your Pictures using Square Drawing

I was asked two questions recently to do with our Square Drawing system, it's a feature of the grids that will help with scaling up (or down) your pictures. Firstly, let's talk about the A4 1 inch transparent grid included the pack. One of our [...]

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The Basics of Light, Medium and Dark Tones

When it comes to mixing colours in Pastel Pencils, the degree of difficulty is well known to us this is the reason we go to great lengths explains them in our art lessons. Light Tones The rule of thumb is when lighter tones are needed [...]

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How to Paint Realistic Trees

I have been asked many times to explain my technique of painting realistic trees. So I have dug out some old reference photographs that I thought you might be interested in seeing (click image to enlarge). The sections of this painting shows the sequence I [...]

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Layering Colours in Pastel Pencils

We have received many enquiries from members regarding mixing and building up the colours of the pastel pencil. As you can appreciate there are an infinite number of combinations we could show but here is just a few examples of the process done with only [...]

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