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Choosing Pastel Pencils for Drawing a Horse’s Head

One of our members Belinda sent us an email asking for advice on choosing pastel pencils for her picture. Belinda says: I have attached a photo of a horse. Not the best but I think you can see the colours involved. What colours do you [...]

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Drawing a Golden Labrador on PastelMat with Pastel Pencils

When someone joins as a member on our website, they are able to receive feedback and advice on their artwork. In this case new member Gillina sent us an email of a Golden Labrador she's doing on Dark Grey PastelMat. Gillina writes: Hi Steve and [...]

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Drawing a Chocolate Cherry Colour Dog with Pastel Pencils

Kimberley sent over a few pictures of her friends dog that she has been asked to do using Pastel Pencils. Kimberley writes: Hello again Steve and Colin I want to draw my friends Dog, she has described her dog to be a chocolate cherry colour [...]

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What Colours to Pick for a Chocolate Coloured dog

One of our members Anita sent us a lovely picture of a dog that she wishes to draw and asked for some advice on colours. With my colour choices I am assuming Anita will be using the sand coloured paper that I use for majority of my [...]

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Mixing Warmer and Cooler Greys on an Animal Picture

One of our members Kimberley sent in this lovely picture and asked if we had any advice for choosing colours. "Hello I want to draw my friend’s dog but I have no idea which browns I should use. Would Colin be able to tell me [...]

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Choosing Pastel Pencils for Drawing a Hare

One of our members Mike sent in a picture of a Hare that he would like to do. Mike wrote: Hi Colin, I have this minute just watched your drawing of the Hare. I am about to have a go at the attached Image, using [...]

Choosing Colours for a Liver Coloured Spaniel

One of our members Glenda sent us a picture of her liver coloured spaniel and asked for some advice. She says: Hi Steve, my membership is about to run out and before it does I was wondering if Colin could let me know what colours [...]

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Choosing Colours for a Child’s Portrait

This picture was sent to us by one of our members Robert who asked if we could help with choosing the colours needed. Here's Rob's picture: This is a tough portrait because well, all portraits are tough. I'm presuming that Rob's using the Sand Coloured [...]

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Drawing a Black Dog with Shiny Fur

Maria sent in her picture of a black dog that she is doing and requested some advice on where she might be going wrong. Here's Maria picture and the reference photo: The first thing I noticed on Maria's picture is that she's used 230 (light [...]

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