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Mix Soft Pastel and Pastel Pencil

Are you wondering if soft pastel and pastel pencils can be used together? In this demonstration Colin shows how to add soft pastel on top of pastel pencils in a background. The pastel pencils chalky texture acts as a good base for the soft pastels. [...]

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Blend Pastel into Backgrounds using this Blending Tool

In this quick video, Colin shows how he uses the colour shaper to blend pastel pencil into his backgrounds. He uses 2 sizes of shaper - No.2 for detailed blending and No.10 for larger areas such as backgrounds, water and skies. To purchase the colour [...]

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How to Blend Pastel with Colour Shapers

In this quick demonstration, Colin shows you how to achieve amazing effects using the Size 10 Grey Chisel End Colour Shaper. Being a larger size, it's ideal for smoothing out and pushing the pastel into the paper - great for creating reflections in water! To [...]

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Can you use a Pencil Sharpener with Pastel Pencils

This is a common question when it comes to using pastel pencils. Because they feel like a familiar tool, it is natural to try to use a sharpener as you would with other pencils. Because the pastel lead is stronger than those used in colouring [...]

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How and When to use Colour Shapers in Pastel Artwork

Christine has asked me this great question: "How can you tell when is the right or the wrong time to use them when I do my own pictures or your old workshop packs I never know if I am using the right blender?"  Although I [...]

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Swordfish ‘Ikon’ Manual Pencil Sharpener Review Buy Now Only £8.95 We have discussed on our podcasts and blog the problem of sharpening pastel pencils. Colin prefers to use the Safety Razor Blades to get a sharp point, but if this isn't for you, what is a good alternative? Thanks [...]

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Using a Putty Eraser on Dog’s Hair

Kathy has sent me her pastel pencil painting that she is doing for her grandson and has run into a problem, as this can happen to us all I thought you would be interested to hear my answer. Kathy writes: Hi Colin, can you please [...]

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Experimenting with Watercolour Pencils

In Podcast #122 released today, Colin talks about using Watercolour Pencils as Colouring Pencils and also experimenting with them as Watercolour Pencils. His preferred range is the Albrecht Durer Artists' Watercolor Pencils which we will be stocking soon on our own art store. Also on [...]

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