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Improving a Background or Foreground with Pastels

One of our members Michelle sent us her picture after completing the Prowling Tiger course. Michelle writes: "Hello Colin and Steve, I have just completed the prowling tiger. Really enjoyed this challenge I would value any feedback from you and really appreciate the feedback you [...]

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Putting White Fur Over Dark Colours with Pastel Pencils

One of our members Michelle sent us her picture of the Siamese Kitten that she had completed using our course. As a member she is able to receive feedback on areas she found challenging. Here's Michelle's email: Hi Colin and Steve, I followed the tutorial [...]

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Choosing Colours for a King Charles Spaniel

One of our members Bob sent in his picture for some advice on choosing colours. Listen to the advice below or read the transcription: Hi Bob I'm looking at your picture of the King Charles and it's very very pretty picture but I got a [...]

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Advice for Drawing a Rough Collie Puppy

One of our members Kimberley is doing a picture of a cute Rough Collie puppy and asked for advice on which pastel pencils to use. Kimberley writes: Hello I would like to draw a friend’s Rough Collie Pup but a little unsure on which colours [...]

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Which Pastel Pencils for Drawing a Brown Coloured Dog?

One of our members Irene wrote in asking for some advice on drawing this picture of Rosie the Dog: Hi Steve I wonder if Colin could advise me what colours to use when doing a pastel painting of Rosie. Thank you. With this advice we [...]

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Choosing Pastel Pencils for Drawing an Artic Wolf

One of our members Christine requested some advice on doing an Artic Wolf with Pastel Pencils. Here's Christine's email: Hi Colin and Steve I am just about to start this Artic wolf I am having trouble with the inside of the ears with what colours [...]

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Pastel Pencil Demo S2 E4 – Lioness Ear

In the Episode 4 of Pastel Pencil Demonstrations - Season 2 Colin teaches you how to draw a Lioness Ear. You can watch the whole course on Udemy or our website. Get All Our Animal Courses for $8 Get this course only on Udemy [...]

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