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How to Draw Serval Fur ✏️ | Pastel Pencil Tutorial

In this clip Colin shows you how to draw the fur of an African Serval Cat using Pastel Pencils. ➡️ Get the full course ➡️ Completed on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Paper. Buy it here ➡️ Get Access to full Courses with membership ➡️ Get started [...]

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Drawing an Orca Whale Mouth | Pastel Pencils

In this clip Colin shows you how to draw a the open mouth of an Orca (Killer) Whale. This is a snippet from our full project available online. See how to get access to the course below the video. Get ALL Colin's Classes for $20. [...]

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Drawing a Llama | Ears and Head | Pastel Pencil Tutorial

In this clip Colin shows you how to draw a Llama Ears and Head. This is a snippet from our "Mother & Baby Llama" project. Watch the full course on our website. Get ALL Colin's Classes for $20. Enrol in this class only for $15.

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How Much Pressure to Fill the Paper Tooth

One of our members Gillina sent her picture of the Ferret Project which is available to members of our website. As a member Gillina can send in her work for feedback and advice. Gillina writes: Hello Colin I tried your Ferret portrait tutorial using the [...]

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Two Foxes Feedback – Help with Contrast and Foreground

One of our members Ian sent us his picture of the Two Foxes subject requesting some feedback and also some advice on a future picture he is needing to do. Ian writes: Hi Steve I would like some feedback on my two foxes that I [...]

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Painting an Animal Background with Colours You’ve Already Used

Gabriele asked us a little while ago for some advice on her 2 dogs painting (see it here). She has now completed the subjects but would like some advice on the background. Hi Steve and Colin I have finished another commission for a client and [...]

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Help with Pastel Backgrounds, Shading and White Fur over Dark

One of our members Kimberley sent in her husky picture for some advice and feedback. Kimberley writes: Hello Steve and Colin First, I’ve been wanting to ask, will Colin use Pan Pastels with his Tutorials in the future? Second, I completed a new drawing not [...]

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