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How To Draw Cat Eyes – Abyssinian Cat 🐱

Colin shows how to draw beautiful Cat's eyes using Pastel Pencils. Would you like to draw this picture? Whether you're a beginner or experienced artist, anyone can pick up pastel pencils and have a go. ➡️ Get Access to Colin's Courses ➡️ Try our FREE [...]

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How to Colour an African Serval Ear with Pastel 🐱

In this quick video clip Colin will show you how to draw a realistic African Serval Ear. You'll learn how to layer colours from light to dark using Pastel Pencils to create stunning effects. The pencils he uses are Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils and on [...]

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Adding White Highlights Over Other Colours

Making white appear bright over other colours is a common dilemma when using Pastel Pencils. One of our students Judy experienced this recently and sent in the following email: I have a question using a white pastel pencil to highlight and add finishing strokes over [...]

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Help with Charles’ Cardinals Background

Charles sent us his Cardinals picture that he is working on and asked for some advice on the background. Charles has a membership which enables him to request advice on his work as well as access all our lessons. Charles writes: Hi, Steve and Colin, [...]

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Tips for Blending White and Black Animal Fur with Pastel Pencils

Paul sent us a couple of his pictures that he has completed from our online courses - the Koala and Pandas. You too can learn how to draw these pictures and receive feedback on your work by joining our membership. In this post we had [...]

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