Brenda’s First Pastel Pencil Pictures

//Brenda’s First Pastel Pencil Pictures

Brenda has emailed me two pictures that she has done with pastel pencils and I thought I would share these with you.

Brenda First Pastel Pencil Pictures

“This is my first landscape of a Harbour scene (above left) using pastel pencils. I also tried Hambelden Mill (above right) but I can see in hindsight that the sky is wrong also the reeds, can you see where I can improve this picture more? I have also discovered I am a visual learner, I can follow the videos easier than the work sheet!!”

The interesting thing here is that Brenda finds watching my lessons easier than the written text and I think that you can see that clearly above. I the sky on Hambelden Mill could be improved by adding more blue and rubbing this is with the finger, reducing some of the white clouds would also help, notice how much better the Sky on the Harbour Scene is.

The reeds are difficult but these could be improved by deepening the colours creating a better contrast. The water towards the front of the picture could do with deepening too at the moment it does not give any framework to the scene. Again check out the Harbour scene where the water is stronger at the base of the picture, due to Brenda watching this being done.

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