Blending Backgrounds into Animals

//Blending Backgrounds into Animals

siamese cat using pastel pencilsWhen drawing Animal subjects in pastel pencils, the neck is a difficult area to leave the picture at because the animal looks ‘decapitated’.  If you don’t put a background on you have a bit more of problem because you have to have a ragged edge but also leaving a line doesn’t work. If you were not going to do a background then the best thing to do is “fizz the edge” – fade it but break it up.

However, the best thing to do is put a background on.  It’s easy if you do it simply to start with. For example, you could start using a 270 (grey), rub it in with your finger and when you get right up to the animal use your finger or a colour shaper.  Now finish the whole of the picture off, you must not leave any pastel paper showing through at all.  When you get down to the bottom of the neck where you have difficulty you can then fade that area.  If you want to see some example backgrounds then visit my Picture Gallery. Alternatively, members have a whole section devoted to backgrounds in the “members area“. If you want to be a member click here.

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