Black Labrador Picture Feedback

//Black Labrador Picture Feedback

Edwin has sent me his lovely painting of the Black Labrador project and has asked for any tips I can give him to help improve the work.

Edwin's Black Labrador Pastel Pencil Picture

As we all know black is a difficult colour to work with and invariably the finished result can look rather dull. But fortunately in Edwin’s case this can be corrected. What you do is remember that the majority of Edwin’s painting is ok it is only the black that is missing. In fact look at the black hair in the red circle then compare it to mine, it is almost the same tone. Therefore all that is needed is to strengthen all the other black areas to match that one. By just doing this all the other lighter tones will appear brighter just as the area clearly shown at the tip of the black arrow.

The colour of the eyes could do with a little more ochre and also a touch of 187 and 283 to brighten them up, whilst the tongue could do with more 131.

On the whole Edwin has done a good job of this portrait and once the above points are addressed it will be a great picture.

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