Best Way To Store Your Pastel Paintings

//Best Way To Store Your Pastel Paintings

Yesterday we were talking about whether you should fix your pastel paintings. This ties in with today’s subject which is storing your pastel pictures.

If you don’t fix your pictures (or even if you do), what is the best way to store them so they don’t smudge?

Back when I used Carb-Othello Pastel Pencils and effectively “re-did” the picture after fixing it, there was a chance of it smudging due to the extra pastel on top. However because the darker colours didn’t need going over, I wouldn’t have to worry about these areas smudging.

cellophane_bagsI always had food bags around the house (cellophane bags). These were A3 size so I could fit the pictures in these and use them as storage. I still do to this day and you might be thinking “doesn’t this smudge the picture?” No, there is maybe a little pastel that comes off but this is such a small amount that it doesn’t affect the picture whatsoever – and my pictures aren’t fixed at all.

As always, this is only the way I do things, it is entirely your choice whether you fix your pictures and how you choose to store them. I store my pictures horizontally but if you were storing them vertically, I would recommend putting stiff board in between each one to stop the paper “bowing” and folding.

How do you store your pictures? Let us know in the comments below. For more tips and tutorials, sign up to be a Colin Bradley Art member here.

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