Behind the Scenes of our Craftsy Shoot

//Behind the Scenes of our Craftsy Shoot

Last week we both Dad and I flew out to Denver, Colorado to film with Craftsy!

We were really excited and you probably heard we were going via our website and podcasts. We thought we’d share some photos from behind the scenes of our filming with them and a little about the upcoming class.

We flew out on Saturday 10th September arriving at 5:30pm local time, we had the evening and the Sunday to adjust to the altitude (1 mile above sea level). Luckily for us we didn’t have any problems adjusting (considering Dad literally lives in Broadstairs at sea level!).

We were both a little apprehensive and nervous when Monday rolled around. Monday was a rehearsal day so the day was spent running through the first class and getting used to the teleprompter. For a few weeks before I managed to set up an iPad Pro with a teleprompter app so Dad was well versed in the technique. This practice certainly paid off as dad was a pro!

First day on set with Colin Bradley and Craftsy

The plan was to film the two classes on both Tuesday and Wednesday (we were leaving Thursday evening). These were two complete pictures so you can imagine that the following two days were going to be intense.

The two pictures are 1 animal and 1 landscape. Tuesday we were working on the Animal Portrait.

I think Dad will agree that the first time filming was a bit nerve racking, there were lots of things to consider that we wouldn’t normally when filming for our website. There were multiple camera angles, the teleprompter and remembering to look up every now and again to address the audience! It didn’t take long to get used to it and before we knew it Dad was flying through.

Second day on set with craftsy and colin bradley

After the second day, we were both feeling more relaxed and looking forward to the landscape lesson the next day.


It’s also worth mentioning at this point that Craftsy (and in general the people of Denver) were the nicest people that we’d ever met. Everyone could not have been more accommodating and friendly.

Day 3 came around and Dad started the landscape.

Day 3 on set with Colin Bradley and Craftsy

Everything went so smoothly that we were wrapped earlier than planned which meant some time for filming extras! They decided that it would be a nice idea to conduct an interview with Dad and ask him a little about how he started. We hope that this will be included somehow in the promotion of the class so if that’s the case then we’ll definitely be sharing this all with you too!

After just 3 short days with Craftsy we were a little sad that we had to leave so soon. Stephanie, Angie and Ivana had done a brilliant job of keeping us in check and producing what looks to be a fantastic class. Dad was a pro (we’d expect nothing less) and done an amazing job of walking through everything step by step. We can’t wait for you to see the class which is due to come out in the near future.

That's a wrap with Craftsy and Colin Bradley

To watch our behind the scenes Facebook Live video then see below!

Thanks for everything Craftsy!

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