Base Colours for a Golden Retriever

//Base Colours for a Golden Retriever

Golden Labrador using Pastel PencilsOne of our students is drawing a Golden Retriever using Pastel Pencils and would like some direction regarding colours. They have started the head and put in white and ivory for the dark and light areas.

So the next step after this is to put in ivory. I did a Golden Labrador called “Jasper” (although he is much darker and more ginger coloured like a Lion). Light greys as well as the ivory would be used like 270 which is a light grey and this would take the “sting” out of the ochre. The light grey tempers down the ochre as it is a very bright colour.

My “Jasper” workshop pack might give some more guidance to the colours used in a picture like this or for anyone else out there drawing Golden Retrievers/Labradors using Pastel Pencils.

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