One of our members Laura was looking to frame her Spitfire picture she completed by following our tutorial. This was when she stumbled upon ArtToFrame.com – an online custom framing service in the US.

As this is something we strongly believed we should share, we asked Laura to share her experiences with the service.

How did you come across ArtToFrame?

Recently I completed the spitfire painting and wanted to frame it as a gift. Sadly, after I finished it, I realised that I had the finished artwork sized at 7×10 once I completed it against the tape.

I tried to find a ready made double matted frame, but with the weird size of the mat opening, I could not find anything that would work. I went to the local big box art store that does framing and since the mat was to be custom fit, the price for the matting alone was exorbitant.

I did a search on the internet and finally found a custom matting/frame place that would make the whole frame package for less than the cost of the matting.

They included the double mat, the frame, real glass and shipping for half of what I would have paid for just the mat alone. Every part of the order was customisable.

They are based in the US so not sure if they ship abroad. However, it is definitely a great/cost effective option for odd sized art work for which you may have trouble finding a ready made frame.

What did you think of the service?

As you can see from the photos, it was very well packed and it was shipped to me within a week.

For the wooden frame, custom sized double thick mat and real glass, it came to less than $15 not including the extra shipping of 8.95. I think that they even offer free shipping now for the holidays.

My local box store wanted to charge me $45 for the same custom sized mat and that didn’t include any frame.

Their website made it very easy as they have a search box where you can just type in your picture dimensions and then it gives you the frame option available from that starting point. They were also very informative about keeping me posted on my order/shipping and delivery expectation via both text messages and emails.

I hope this can help others who may run into that dilemma where the finished picture doesn’t quite fit into one of the standard mat sizes.

To find a frame and mount for your artwork, visit ArtToFrame.com.

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