Are Pastel Pencil Pictures Drawings or Paintings?

//Are Pastel Pencil Pictures Drawings or Paintings?

Lion in Pastel PencilsThis is an interesting question as you could say they are both. If you have a pencil in your hand you imagine you are drawing but when you look at one of my finished pictures I don’t think anyone would say that that was a drawing, it’s a painting. After all, soft pastel like Degar’s work are not drawings, they’re most definitely paintings. As our materials are similar to that even though it’s in a pencil form, I still consider it a painting.

Even though when you are using the pastel pencil you could almost say that you are drawing because you are. I think the crossover point to a painting is if you were drawing using coloured pencils then that is a drawing. The fact that with pastel pencils you are using your finger to blend the pastel, and also the colour shaper which almost creates a painting effect, makes it a painting in my opinion.

What do you think? Painting or Drawing? Let us know in the comments below.

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