Afghan Puppy in Pastel Pencils – Feedback

//Afghan Puppy in Pastel Pencils – Feedback

Gabriele has sent me these two pictures of her Afghan puppy using Pastel Pencils and asked if I can give her a few tips as to how this could be improved. The photograph ‘A’ has been interpreted well as can be seen on the two of Gabriele’s painting on the right.

Afghan Puppy in Pastel Pencils

The first thing I would like to point out is that the composition as a landscape is not what I would have chosen, this would have looked better as a portrait. I have placed two black lines on the picture above ’C’ where I would have finished the background. A little more space at the top and the bottom the painting would have been a better composition. I have trimmed photo ’A’ to give you a better idea of how this should look.

In Gabriele’s painting ‘C’, the black hair should be a lot darker this would create a better contrast with the lighter hair; see the white circles. The black line shows where the darker hair should finish, as it is the light hair here gives the impression that the head is too small.

In all paintings you should watch out for slight imperfections on an animal (or human) that can be left out that and is not really necessary. The tiny white spot shown on the photograph indicated by the red arrows is a case in point. At first glance the white spot on the painting could be interpreted as another nostril, a touch of 199 black would put pay to that.

On the whole this is a good painting by Gabriele and when those tips I have given are applied it will turn out to be a very good painting.

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