Advice for Drawing a Rough Collie Puppy

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One of our members Kimberley is doing a picture of a cute Rough Collie puppy and asked for advice on which pastel pencils to use. Kimberley writes:


I would like to draw a friend’s Rough Collie Pup but a little unsure on which colours to use for the forehead and the face.
Is Colin able to give me a bit of an idea on which pencils to use? Thanks, really appreciate it. 🙂

Cheers, Kimmi

Advice for Drawing a Rough Collie Puppy

Listen to Colin’s advice or read the transcription below:

Right Kimberly. Steve sent me the picture that you want to copy of lucky and you’ve got a problem with the face and the fore head and what I would suggest you use here (if you are using the sand ingres paper) I would suggest you use an ivory there you could use a little bit of white on the very lightest parts of that but generally ivory be a really good colour.

That ivory could also extend into the stronger/darker areas as well. And then the colours that you would then use on top of that – I would suggest you use a combination of two tones – the 182 and the 187. Now the reason you would need to use both of them is because it’s a cross between those two. You can then use, once you have got those colours on your picture you could use a gray. And I would use the warm Grays here and that would also temper and tone down the colour. You can use it on top. You don’t necessarily have to use it underneath but you can use it on top and you’ll find that that will sort of give you that kind of tonal.

Now the darker side of it 283, 177 could also be used. I would suggest what you do is you play with these colours on a piece of spare paper first and try to get the tones right. But that’s the starting point now you would need other colours. I’ve always said this you need more colours as you go along.

You might need a bit of pink – 132 for instance there’s a sort of pinky look around the eyes that can also be added on top of the ivory or it could be added on top of the two other colours I’ve given you 182 and 187.

That is what I suggest you do. I think it’s a very pretty picture and I wish you well with it.

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