Adjusting Animal Portraits Composition and Adding Shadows

//Adjusting Animal Portraits Composition and Adding Shadows

Doris has sent me the first three paintings she has completed using the pastel pencils. I have to say that the fact that she has not tried this medium before and has chosen black animals as subjects I think she has done remarkably well.

Adjusting Shadow and Composition for Your Animal Portraits

Doris has asked for my feedback on the paintings and I am happy to oblige. First of all the composition of the back cat would have been better suited to a portrait size rather than square and finished like the Black Labrador, that is unfinished at the bottom, see my inset blue frame. The left eye is a little too larges compared to the right one, see red arrow.

The black dog is a good full study but I would have liked to see more shadow under the dog, this would ground the subject and stop the impression that it is “floating”.

The Black Labrador is the best of the bunch and Doris should be proud of the way this has turned out.

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