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Brenda has sent me her painting of the Siamese Kitten project (available on our membership site) and has asked for a few pointers as to how this picture could be improved. I have to say that I think Brenda has done a great job and should be proud of what she has achieved.

adjust animal eyes in pastel

The pupils in the eyes on Brenda’s painting are a touch too large and the shape of the eyes overall are not quite right. I have placed a black arrow indicating where the adjustment is needed on the left eye. Compare this to the same eye on my original painting on the right. A good test to see if the eyes are both looking in the same direction is to cover one eye with you hand noting where the other eye is looking then switch to cover the other eye and see where that eye is looking. By doing this several times you can see if the eyes need adjusting. Both of the eyes on Brenda’s kitten are slightly out.

Another small point to raise is the division in the tip of the nose is slightly out of line, see red arrow, by altering the central line will make this feature more attractive.

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