Adding a Background to a Yellow Labrador

//Adding a Background to a Yellow Labrador

Claire has sent me this picture of a nine month old yellow Labrador using Pastel Pencils and has asked for my help with putting in the background.

Yellow Labrador in Pastel Pencils

I would suggest a very light background is put into this picture as Claire has made the dog very light in colour, to put a dark background in would over power the subject. I would use 101 white and rub this well into the pastel paper then add 103 ivory on top of the white to add a little softer tone. I would then use several of the stronger colours used in the picture and blend touches of them into the white/ivory base.

As the animal is resting an the floor I would make the lower half of the picture darker still using the same colours and start graduating them from about the area I have indicated with the black line and the arrows. This darkened foreground will contrast nicely with the light face.

I hope this helps others when choosing background colours for light coloured animals. If you’ve found these tips useful then please share your comments below!

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