Adding a Background to a Cockerel | Picture Feedback

//Adding a Background to a Cockerel | Picture Feedback

Wendy has sent me this picture she is doing of a Cockerel using pastel pencils and is not sure how to complete a background for the subject and has asked for my help. Wendy did wonder if a picket fence behind the subject would work or whether it would detract from the bird.

Cockerel in Pastel Pencils

There are several ways this could be done first of all and the easiest way to solve the problem would be to just put the grass in as seen in the reference picture. If the grass idea is taken up then the grass would have to be truly represented up to about level with the tail feathers, see arrow, beyond that the grass could be faded off as an out of focus photograph would be. This would look ok because there would be no distraction from the subject.

What is making this more difficult is the fact that grass is obscuring the legs and feet therefore it seems there is no alternative but to follow the picture. It would however be possible to find a suitable picture off the internet and transplant legs and feet onto the painting. This could work out as there is not enough room left on Wendy’s painting to complete the feet, see the insert picture above but don’t ask where it’s from!
If this idea was actioned then earth of gravel could be introduced and out of focus grass could be inserted above this, again see the arrow.

Now it could very well be that there is more of the paper below that shown on the photo of the image shown above in which case this would also work the same way as already stated. I will be sending these ideas on to Wendy for her to make the final decision, together with the legs and feet shown above should she wish to use them.

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