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Tips for Robyn’s Peaches – Getting a “Realistic” Look

Robyn sent in her picture of the Peaches project asking for some advice. Robyn writes: "So...a few things... 1. I am still new at pastels and so I'm not always sure if I'm pressing too hard; 2. Blending edges is hard for me. I didn't [...]

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Help with Charles’ Cardinals Background

Charles sent us his Cardinals picture that he is working on and asked for some advice on the background. Charles has a membership which enables him to request advice on his work as well as access all our lessons. Charles writes: Hi, Steve and Colin, [...]

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Tips for Beginners using Pastel Pencils – Podcast #207

In this episode Colin offers tips for those starting out with Pastel Pencils including the following: Taping your work down to a piece of hardboard just bigger than the picture. Working from top to bottom and left to right (or right to left if you're [...]

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Learn to Paint Watercolor – Boats in Landscape

You've never seen Watercolor done this way before. Learn my unique approach to Watercolor Step by Step. In this post I'll show you how to paint this Watercolour Landscape: I have included the outline drawing below (click to enlarge) so that you can print this [...]

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Turn your pictures upside down – Podcast #205

In this podcast we answer your questions. Discussion points include: > how turning your pictures upside down allows you to improve your work. > how can learning to draw flowers help with drawing portraits? (Skip to around 10 minutes to hear Colin talk about this) [...]

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Tips for Blending White and Black Animal Fur with Pastel Pencils

Paul sent us a couple of his pictures that he has completed from our online courses - the Koala and Pandas. You too can learn how to draw these pictures and receive feedback on your work by joining our membership. In this post we had [...]

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“Girl with a Pearl Earring” Behind the Scenes Podcast

In this episode we discuss the challenges behind drawing Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" using Pastel Pencils. Learn about Colin's process in approaching a picture like this and which areas he found challenging and interesting to do. You can watch the full 3 [...]

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Girl with a Pearl Earring | Time Lapse in Pastel

In this video Colin reproduces Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring". Watch the 3 hour Demonstration inside our ALL membership. Become a member here. We're proud to say we collaborated with artist Taylor Waters and the launch of her song "Little Sister" Produced by [...]

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