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Can you water down Acrylic paint and use it as Watercolour?

One of our students Matt sent us this interesting question regarding Acrylic: Hello Sir, I have been thinking of taking your watercolor course. I have heard that I can thin down acrylics? Could I use this method and if I do would I use watercolor [...]

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Hamide’s Victorian Portrait Painting – Feedback and Tips

Hamide recently purchased access to our courses and has just begun using Pastel Pencils. When someone buys access to our courses they can receive feedback and tips on where to improve. Hamide sent us the Victorian Portrait and requested some tips and advice. In this [...]

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Overcoming Fear of Failure – Podcast #209

In this episode we talk about comparing yourself to other artists and overcoming fear of failure (this discussion starts at around 9 minutes 40 seconds in). Around that we also talk about how Colin's watercolour work has changed through the experience of working further with [...]

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Drawing Fluffy Tails and Improved Vibrancy

In this recording Colin and Steve offer some tips and advice for Robyn on her Squirrel picture. This is only Robyn's 4th Pastel Pencil picture and she's done extremely well. Colin gives some tips for improving the vibrancy of the colours as well as advice [...]

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Tips for Lesley’s Barn Owl Drawing Contrast and Background

Lesley has written in asking for some advice on her Barn Owl picture. Lesley has signed up to access our courses so with that she can receive feedback and advice on her work. She chose not to put in the background and focus on the [...]

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