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Draw Your Own Pet With This Easy Grid System

Our pets are beloved members of our family, they mean the world to us! We take hundreds of photos of them (I'm looking at you, the ones with a dedicated pet instagram ;) ) and I'm betting (as you're here) you would love to draw [...]

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Artist’s Spotlight: Rebecca Özkural | Interview with Pastel Artists

Our mouths dropped when we saw Rebecca's Owl picture on Instagram. It sparked off an interesting discussion about the papers and materials she uses. We absolutely had to pick her brains! Upon reading her bio we also found out she also works at Madame Tussaud’s [...]

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Choosing Pastel Pencil Colours for a Drawing Brown Dog

One of our members Ian sent us an email asking for some advice on colours for his Son's Dog Vinnie. As a member Ian can request advice and tips on pictures that he's doing. Ian writes: Hi Colin & Steve I have been having tremendous [...]

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Secrets Behind Impressionism – Podcast #195

"Impressionism is like a statement that you make without a structure." In this podcast Colin describes the work he's doing with impressionism and how best to describe how it feels "alive" comparing it to photography. What's the secret behind it? We discuss in the podcast. [...]

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Drawing Rose Petals with Pastel Pencils

In this video Colin shows how to draw beautiful Rose Petals using Pastel Pencils. This is a clip from our full course now included for members of our website. > Get ALL Our Courses for just £14.99 ($20) > Or buy this course only £10 [...]

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1 Major Difference between PastelMat and Ingres Pastel Paper

We decided to film a video reply to a question that came in on Facebook from Charlotte, she asks: "I’m new to pastels and have bought the paper Colin advises but everyone keeps mentioning pastel mat - what’s the difference?" I hope this video helps [...]

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Artist’s Spotlight: James Philip | Interview with Pastel Artists

We came across James's work on Instagram and was instantly mesmerised by his paintings. His vibrant colours and the way he captured nature was beautiful and unique. With such a variety of pictures we wanted to ask James some questions about his work, the materials [...]

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Draw a Black & White Photo in Colour – Feedback Show #47

In this feedback show Colin and Steve help students with picking the pastel pencils for their picture. One student has a black and white photo that they are converting and another requires mixing greys and ochres. We also provide advice on a painting of a [...]

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