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Frequently Asked Questions 2018-03-15T15:12:56+00:00

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How do I become a member of Colin Bradley Art? 2018-03-15T15:13:54+00:00

Signing up to be a member of Colin Bradley Art is easy and takes minutes. Simply visit the Checkout Page and choose your membership. When your payment is processed, you will be redirected to a registration form to fill out your username and password. From there you will instantly have access to all of the content on the site! To read all of the benefits of membership, we suggest you visit the Sign Up Page for more information.

What Materials do you suggest I use for the Courses? 2015-01-02T22:30:30+00:00

We suggest that you use the Faber-Castell Pitt pastel pencils as they are the ones Colin uses and recommends. They can be purchased individually or in sets. We stock the ‘Colin Bradley Special Selection‘ box of 24 and this is a good range to start of with as it contains a good range of colours. However Colin uses a range of around 45 different colours out of the possible 60 in the Faber-Castell Pitt range. The amount of pencils you choose to start with would depend on your choice of subjects, all the projects we show have the pencil numbers displayed at the beginning of each subject

Pastel pencils can be used on most makes of pastel paper but we recommend that you use the 160gsm sand coloured Ingres pastel paper, if this is not available locally we do stock this in our art store. It would also be a benefit to buy a Colour Shaper and Double Ended Pencil Eraser two more items that you will see Colin use in his work.

Do the online courses cover the real basics? 2015-01-02T22:29:02+00:00

We have found complete beginners pick up and learn an incredible amount in a very short space of time, and get a lot of enjoyment from it too. We have categorised all of our projects into difficulty levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced so you know which subjects to start with. We have also added drawing tutorials which show you how to draw from scratch. If you want to learn the basics of pastel pencils without the joining you could purchase our Starting Out DVD .

Are the Workshop Packs included in the membership? 2015-01-18T11:59:50+00:00

Yes! All of Colin’s teaching materials from downloadable packs to digital DVDs are now bundled in the one membership price. That’s over £681 of teaching material!

Do your Courses cover learning how to draw? 2014-12-04T11:56:02+00:00

The art courses on our members site are designed to start the student off straight away using colour by producing stunning pictures from the word go. This is born out by the reaction and feedback we receive from the students who tell us that they often mount and frame the first picture they produce. By copying the techniques I show in the videos students learn in the best possible way the art of composition, perspective, design and colour. Once the student understands these principles then they move on to draw, compose and produce their own paintings.

We have introduced Figure Life Drawing lessons which cover how to draw with precision and accuracy. These are available for members of the website.

Can I upgrade if I have an existing account? 2015-01-18T12:00:35+00:00

Absolutely, we can upgrade you from Monthly or Quarterly at anytime and can manage the whole process for you. If you want to upgrade to Yearly then contact us.

Do I need a PayPal account in order to become a member? 2015-03-14T21:45:34+00:00

You do need a Paypal account for our membership plans. If you do not have one then setting one up is straight-forward and easy. You can link your debit/credit card to your Paypal account and they accept all major credit/debit cards.

Here at Colin Bradley Art we have been using PayPal for our secure transactions for over 4 years, PayPal is trusted and used by over 230 Million People worldwide.

Will any of the Videos on the site be taken off over time? 2014-04-11T10:04:28+00:00

No, we will continue to add to the growing amount of tuition to the site and never remove any of the current subjects.

Can I cancel my membership at any time? 2018-03-15T15:13:54+00:00

Yes, you can cancel at any time by clicking on Members and then the Unsubscribe button on the bottom of the page. As soon as you cancel your membership, your log in will become inactive. You can sign up again at any point in the future.

Are the videos streamed? 2015-01-17T17:56:15+00:00

Yes, the videos are streamed straight off the website. No downloading of software and you can watch from any device! *Note* majority of videos are HD quality so we recommend you have a good broadband connection and no bandwidth restrictions.