6 Pencil Pictures

//6 Pencil Pictures

Cat-Portrait-350x350During a lunch break whilst at a demonstration. I saw there was a flower picture done as a line drawing and inset was a reference picture. I instantly thought ‘I could do that’.

I decided to do a Cat Portrait but using only 6 pastel pencils. I used a cellophane bag (also useful for storing pastel pencil pictures – click here) and had to fold it over and cello tape it. There was a reference picture on the front, a line drawing inside plus a carbon and pastel board to draw on. I sold a few, taking them to art shows and selling them to students.

It was at another demonstration where a friend of mine suggested I produce packs (he hadn’t known I had already produced the Cat Pack). By the end of the evening, I had a few ideas and ended up developing 6 pictures all using 6 pastel pencils.

sunset packAs these grew popular, so did the amount of packs. Eventually leading to more challenging subjects (Workshop Packs – available to download as part of my membership) sold without the pencils as some would require 15+ pencils to complete.

I recommend for someone completely knew to start with something you’d like to do. If you’re not sure then keep it simple – the Cat Portrait or Tiger Portrait. If you prefer landscapes then the Boats in Landscape or Sunset packs are great. Some of the pastel pencils needed do overlap in the pictures so check on our website and only buy the pencils you need. We have a huge range of packs available for download as part of our membership programme. Click the Products page in the top menu for more details.

Have you used our packs? How have they helped you? Leave your comments below.

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