3 Tips to Presenting and Posting your Pastel Paintings

//3 Tips to Presenting and Posting your Pastel Paintings

From emails I have received recently it seems that many of you are painting pastel pencil pictures for others and I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a few tips on presenting your work and also sending them through the postal services.

1. Double Mount Your Work

As a general rule I always prefer to double mount my pastel work as this gives a better presentation to the customer than just handing them the painting showing all the rough edges etc.

Another reason for this is that you can compose the subject so that you decide what you wish to show and what you wish to hide. You can buy ready-made mounts, even double mounts in retail stores now in all sizes to help you or you can have them professionally made by a framer.

It may be worth thinking ahead before composing your painting by selecting a size of mount so that you are able to compose your subject to fit that ready-made opening. This is perhaps not the best way to go about it but would be the most economical.

I would also consider cutting a back board to fit snugly behind the mounted picture as this gives not only support but protects the painting from behind.

Once you are happy with your presentation place it into a cellophane bag as this looks more professional and means that the mount and painting are protected and can be handled easier.

Victorian Lady with Mask Pastel Pencil Painting

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2. Protect Your Painting

If you wish to post the painting then the ideal material to protect your mounted picture is thin hardboard, you may have to search around for this.

If this is not available then use a stiff cardboard as the last thing you want to happen is the painting bending in transit. Use the hardboard both back and front, it does help to make all the mounts and boards the same size.

Use a suitable means of wrapping your parcel there are boxes and good wrapping materials available in most post offices and stores.

3. Insure Your Parcel

I advise you to insure the parcel and even pay extra for tracking if this is available.

It might also be worth checking out the country you are sending it to if you are posting overseas as we have found that post does go astray in certain countries.

I do understand that posting your artwork is nerve racking for the artist and although I have never had a problem doing so, I am still nervous until I hear that it has been delivered safely.

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