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3 Tips to Improving Animal Portraits using Pastel PencilsKeith has sent me his lovely painting of our Black Labrador Project and has asked for feedback.

There are three areas that could be improved and would turn a good picture into a great one.

1. The black arrow shows the left side of the face is slightly too wide.

2. The underside of the jaw has too much contrast compared with the rest of the dark hair – see red arrow.

3. Keith has signed his name too close to the bottom of the painting. I would also suggest that the picture be repositioned in the lighter orange oval.

The blue frame I have placed on the picture is where I would suggest the mount is placed as it lifts the painting and gives it a more professional look.

I hope these tips help others with their animal portraits. If you would like to learn how to draw animal portraits using pastel pencils and get feedback like Keith, join our affordable membership programme.

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