3 Good Reasons Why I Use Fabriano Sand Coloured Paper

//3 Good Reasons Why I Use Fabriano Sand Coloured Paper

Here’s 3 good reasons why I choose to use Fabriano Ingres Sand Coloured 160gm Paper for all of my Pastel Pencil Painting.

sand coloured ingres pastel paper by fabriano1) The Colour

The warm sand colour means the light colours such as white show up allowing you to lay a good strong base colour for such subjects as skies, light fur or hair, skin tones etc. Even though the paper is seemingly covered by these base colours the paper creates an undertone that adds warmth to the finished piece. This has been proved time and again when I have viewed pastel pencil work completed on darker tones of paper. The Pastel pencils have a translucent quality therefore will show the undertones of the stronger coloured papers showing through.

Conversely, if a lighter tone of pastel paper is used such as white or cream then the work is too bright and lacks the warmth that is evident when using the sand tone. This light coloured paper also means that the white, ivory and light grey pastel base colours are difficult to see when they are applied.

2) The Tooth

I prefer to use the side with the raised tooth as this has a better key for the pastel pencil application, however it is possible to use the smoother side if preferred. The fine tooth on the Ingres paper runs evenly across the paper surface either horizontally or vertically according to which way round you use it. The main function of the tooth is to create a friction between the paper and the pastel pencil allowing the pastel to adhere better to the surface. The harder the pressure press the stronger the application, the lighter the pressure the lighter the application and all points in between. This control allows fantastic effects to be produced and I have found no other pastel paper that gives the artist this unique advantage.

The tooth can also be used as an aid to creating spectacular effects in a picture, used horizontally water, brickwork foliage etc can create an effect that has to be seen to be believed.

3) Weight

There are two weights of Ingres pastel paper 90gsm and 160gsm, but it is the thicker heavier 160gsm that I use and recommend. During the build up of a pastel pencil painting, the techniques I use requires the paper to take a lot of pastel in places with many different pressures. The 90gsm weight would soon compress under this onslaught whereas the 160gsm stands up to the punishment very well.

I sell the Sand Colour Ingres Pastel Paper in my shop online. I sell it in A4 or A3 Size. The A4 is available in 25 sheet pads and A3 in packs of 10 sheets starting at £8.00. We offer Free Delivery to the UK for all orders over £50.

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