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What our students say:

I cant wait for the next session, I never thought that I would be able to produce paintings as good as I do thanks to your tuition
I did a 3 month course with Colin and found a love for pastels. Learned more in those 3 months than I did on a two year, very expensive college course . Thank you Colin, you will always be fondly thought of when I pick up my pencils.
Colin is one of the best art teachers I have come across. I have paid for several online courses and have always been disappointed until I came across Colin Bradley Art, Colin is not only an excellent artist he is also a great teacher and his website is very competitive with new projects regularly added it is worth every penny. Thank you Colin and please keep up the great work.

I’d never used pastel pencils before. I started with a couple of free tutorials, but I’ve now paid up for the yearly membership which gives access to loads more and includes digital projects and feedback on your work. Such a relaxing hobby and, with the advice given, you can produce acceptable work from the start! You won’t look back!
An excellent artist and teacher. I learned so much from Colin and could never have done the pictures I do now without his help and patience. Thank you Colin.
This site will change your life! You’ll discover hidden talents you never thought possible. Each picture will test you beyond what you ever thought is possible.
Colin is an amazing artist and a huge inspiration to me drawing with pastel pencils. I actually never have heard of them before and when I found the Colin Bradley website I absolutely fell in love with these pencils. I used to draw with colour pencil but you can do so much more with pastel.

I visit the website almost on a daily basis. I love going through Colin’s lessons and I learn so much and my art work has improved so much.

This is my first year drawing and selling my work. I have sold $1,100 worth of pictures this year and display my work in a small art gallery in town.